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Searching for Smart Hotels in Hong Kong for your trip? Book your stay at GDH Hotel. Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, we offer guests with a wide variety of high-tech facilities, ranging from family care to business conferences.

Are you looking for a smart hotel Hong Kong? Then GDH hotel can be your best choice as it is a smart hotel with technologically improved amenities and services. GDH has incorporated in-room technology so as to deliver better services than its competitors. While technology has definitely improved the hotel industry, the real effect can be seen in the way hotels integrate the technology in their services and system. This is what makes GDH a smart hotel. To see the true effect of technology, you can see the well-appointed meeting or conference room offered by GDH.

Arranging a business conference, meeting, or training event can be a very challenging task, even without adding the pains of looking for a perfect meeting location. Given below are a few points that will make you understand, why smart hotel Hong Kong GDH is an obvious choice to business meetings or conferences:

Easily Accessible Location

Smart hotel GDH is perfectly located in Tsim Sha Tsui, the centre of the commercial Hong Kong. It is also just at a walking distance of few minutes from MTR.

Fully Equipped Conference Rooms

If you want your meetings or conferences to take place in comfortable setting with technologically advanced conference facilities, then you can definitely consider smart Hong Kong hotel GDH. Their meeting room offers peaceful and technologically effective meeting experience right in the heart of the city.

Well-trained Staff

Smart hotel GDH has a dedicated team of well-trained staffs who are well-informed and have a very welcoming behaviour. They know exactly what they should do, and how they should manage their services during the important business meetings or conferences of their business guests. You will never be disappointed with the final result and your meetings will go smoothly and faultlessly.

Conference Room Facilities

Smart Hong Kong hotel GDH has a fully equipped conference room and a comfortable private lounge for business meetings. The conference room has high-class sophisticated business atmosphere, which can satisfy all your business requirements. You can conduct a meeting with your business partners or organize your business conferences in the comfort of our conference rooms and private lounge. Smart hotel GDH’s meeting facilities are situated in prime location of Hong Kong that will effortlessly satisfy to your business meeting requirements. Our hotel staff is always ready to assist you with the technical aspect of the meeting.

Conference Room

Our conference room is prepared with all necessary features required during a business meeting:

  • Wireless Internet Connectivity – You will get access to high speed Wi-Fi internet connectivity which can be very useful during a business meeting.

  • Projector with Screen – Room has most updated projector with wide screen making it easier for you to show your presentation or other similar stuff during the business meetings or conferences.

  • Whiteboard with markers – You can use them for different purposes, like to explain your point to the group of trainees in the conference room.

  • Stationary Supplies – Stationary is supplied for the meetings and conferences by the hotel so that all those attending the meeting can take notes when needed, quickly and easily.

Noble Quad

It is a hotel club lounge, which has been intended for private meetings or business sessions. This area is usually used by business guests, executive travelers, and VIP personalities. It is a very comfortable space and guests can use it to finish their business communications and then take some reprieve from their busy business schedule. The lounge has comfortable seating arrangement and has peaceful ambience for its users.

Family Care

GDH also offers family care facilities. Hotel offers may facilities like bathtub, baby cot, baby stroller, children slipper, towels, and toothbrush, etc.


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