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Secure your stay at the best hotel price in Hong Kong guranteed with GDH Hotel. Located near the best shopping malls, 3-minutes walk from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR. Providing first-class service to make your stay fun & relaxed!

Founded in 1986, GDH hotel epitomizes an excellent blend of distinct, state-of-the-art facilities and best quality services. GDH charges very reasonable Hong Kong hotel price. And with those same prices, you will get an well-designed and welcoming ambience in the hotel, making it easier for visitors to enjoy their stay with complete satisfaction.

In the friendly and pleasant environment of GDH, staff of the hotel tries to anticipate the genuine expectations of their guests and do everything possible to meet those expectations. They have respect and affection for customs and work very hard towards joining the local characteristics with elegance and stylishness features of global standards.

GDH hotel is seamlessly situated amongst the buzzing areas of Tsim Sha Tsui. Tsim Sha Tsui is the heart of Hong Kong and has several shopping malls, dining places, and business centres, where modernism merges with legacy. Hotel GDH is just at 3 minutes of walking distance from MTR station from where you can easily reach to any part of Hong Kong.

Best deals With Hong Kong Hotel Price

GDH works steadily towards making sure that your stay with the hotel will be memorable experience for you and you will leave with complete customers’ satisfaction. GDH offers the best deals along with best Hong Kong hotel price. GDH offers 4 main packages including:

  • Suite Room Package
  • Family Package
  • Advance Purchase
  • Long Staying Package

Validity of the package may change based on the hotel’s policies and future plans. For more information, you can visit hotel’s website.

GDH hotel is devoted to delivering excellence, relaxed accommodation that signifies outstanding value for both business and leisure travelers from all over the world. The welcoming staff with friendly smiles serves with genuine pleasant hospitality to each and every guest whosoever walks in their hotel looking for an accommodation.

Travel is an essential part of a person’s life, whether it is done for business or pleasure. Travel can add a different perspective to people’s lives. GDH ensures that for whatever reason you have come to Hong Kong, you will never face a cloudy moment when you are staying with it.

If want to stay at a location where you can shop, dine, and enjoy cultural moments, GDH can be your perfect base while you spend your days exploring the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui and spend your nights relaxing in the comfort and excellence of GDH facilities and services.

Prepared to satisfy your every need, whether you are in for a short visit or longer stay, GDH will proficiently attend you, meeting all your expectations, making sure that you delight in the time you spend at GDH and will never forget it.

GDH provides you with an attractive range of facilities and services with its conference room designed to organize your business events like meetings and training sessions. The cooking creativeness of GDH restaurant is also something you would never want to miss. The restaurant’s perfect ambience, delicious cuisines, and friendly behaviour of the staff will automatically draw you in whether you are hungry or not.

Why GDH?

GDH embraces and meets the top global standards in their quality of service and hospitality. Bering located at the heart of the fascinating city of Hong Kong makes it a perfect choice for both all types of travelers, be it business or leisure travelers. GDH is fully equipped to serve both local and international travelers, individuals, couples, families and business mavens with the same passion.

GDH maintains impeccable service values. The management and the staff works together to continually elevate the bar of excellence in the hotel industry and determinedly moving towards incorporating innovative solutions in the hotel infrastructure. With best Hong Kong hotel price, you will never regret your stay with GDH.

Special Discount Available

In Hong Kong, hotel and related service has been one of the key facilitators for the rapid economic development. However, the room price of most of the hotels in Hong Kong has kept at a relatively high level (price ranging from several hundred to over 3,000 Hong Kong dollars per night) when compared to other famous tourist destinations around the world, as the demand for hotel rooms in Hong Kong is always high. When tourists search for low-price hotel rooms in Hong Kong, they usually find that only very few choices are available, among which almost all of them are located outside the urban zone. That acts as a huge barrier to those who really love to discover Hong Kong and causes a serious problem to the structural diversity of Hong Kong’s tourism.

In order to solve the above problem about Hong Kong’s frighteningly high hotel price, the Hong Kong government, together with some local hotel and tourism organizations, has done a lot more promotions to help raise the tourists’ awareness about the Hong Kong’s hotels with low-price rooms, but high quality service.

Guangdong Hotel Hong Kong (GDHK), managed by Guangdong International Hotel Management Holdings Limited, is one of the famous hotels in Hong Kong with elegant guest rooms and suites offered at relatively low price range when compared to hotels run by other operators in Hong Kong. Apart from such absolute advantage, Guangdong Hotel Hong Kong has an excellent geographical location too. In fact, Guangdong Hotel Hong Kong is in the centre of Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon, in the middle of one the few busiest commercial, shopping and entertainment areas in Hong Kong. It is very convenient for guests to visit Hong Kong’s other famous scenic spots also, as it is just a 5-minute walk to the closest MTR station.


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