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With the number of options available in the hotel booking in Hong Kong, finding the right hotel in Hong Kong that will cater to all your needs can be an exhaustive process. It doesn’t matter whether you are a business traveller or vacationer, most of the people want Hong Kong hotels booking in an highly-urbanized area, closest to prime locations of the city. There are many Hong Kong hotels in Tsim Sha Tsui, the heart of Hong Kong, but why people prefer this location.

Tsim Sha Tsui is one of the prime locations in the full of life localities of Hong Kong. It has everything, from large shopping centres, to a ferry pier, to buoyant and effervescent streets, art galleries, museums, and a variety of restaurants serving delicious local and international cuisines. Tourists can spend their holidays roaming around here enjoying various means of entertainment and delicious food. Let’s see what staying at GDH hotel in Hong Kong will give you:

Kowloon Park

If you want to enjoy a peaceful stroll with your loved ones in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Park is the ideal place for you. This park has lots of greenery and is an idyllic reprieve from hot afternoons. You can enjoy various activities there like swimming, playing football etc.

Avenue Of Stars

If you are a movie lover, for hotel booking in Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui is a great place as it has Avenue of Stars. Located near breathtaking Victoria Harbor, Avenue of Stars is an ideal route for picturesque walk. Here, tourists can know more about Hong Kong movie stars and industry.

Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Built in 1989, Hong Kong Cultural Centre is a place where you can enjoy many beautiful performances in the form of operas, dance, music shows, plays, etc. This cultural centre often organizes fine art exhibitions and other similar programmes to encourage public’s interest in arts and culture. If you love to watch great cultural shows, look for Hong Kong hotel bookings in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Harbour City

If you enjoy shopping, Harbour City shopping mall is the place where you will get a wide range of luxury brands and electronic gadgets. Tsim Sha Tsui has many shopping malls, and Harbour City is the biggest mall in Hong Kong, built over two million square feet. It has lots of shops, restaurants, hotels, movie theatres, and an extremely lavish private club. With Hong Kong hotels in Tsim Sha Tsui, you can satisfy all your shopping cravings.

Kimberley Road

Also known as, Little Korea, Kimberley Road is well-known for its plenty of Korean eating places and grocery shops, offering people with delicious and true Korean cuisines.

GDH hotel in Hong Kong offers best services for its customers. With this you will get best hotel booking in Hong Kong. Situated in the center of entertainment and business zone of Tsim Sha Tsui, GDH hotel gives you access to limitless options of shopping, restaurants, and cultural centres. Hong Kong hotels booking with GDH will give you large rooms and, relaxed and luxurious amenities. One of the best Hong Kong hotels, GDH delivers all-out comfort for both leisure and business travelers. Hotel guests will have an easier access to the heart of this pulsating city.

Tsim Sha Tsui is a very appropriate location of hotel booking in Hong Kong. This GDH hotel in Hong Kong is situated at a suitable location, which is at a walking distance from the subway station of Tsim Sha Tsui. By staying in one of the finest and most well-equipped Hong Kong hotels, with GDH Hong Kong hotels booking, you will get the best packages with some very affordable prices that will make your stay more enjoyable.


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