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The balcony room of GDH Hotel Hong Kong allows guests to see the city view of Tsim Sha Tsui. Offering high-quality amenities, perfect for a relaxed stay for both leisure or business.

Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, heart of Hong Kong, GDH is a hotel where cosiness and warmth merges with effervescent drive of the city. It provides an excellent blend of traditional hospitality culture and contemporary design and technology. GDH is a Hong Kong balcony room hotel, where each room has been designed with state-of-the-art aesthetics and modern facilities. This balcony room hotel Hong Kong provides you with an opportunity to stay in the core of the pleasurable and business activities the Hong Kong city has to offer.

GDH is just 3 minutes away from MTR station, which gives you an easier access to various parts of the city. Whether you are in the city of Hong Kong for business or vacation, Hong Kong balcony room hotel GDH will function as your home away from home. The helpful staff and welcoming atmosphere helps the guests to relax and enjoy the immaculate services and facilities which makes sure that you will have a pleasurable time for entirety of your stay.

Revel In The Well-Appointed GDH Accommodation

All the GDH rooms and suites have been precisely designed and fashioned in order to give you home-like feeling. Hong Kong balcony room hotel GDH offers an excellent blend of classical and modern style with an added hint of comfort and luxury. Basically, each room has a distinctive environment of its own.

GDH, balcony room hotel Hong Kong, offers 244 rooms including 8 suites. You will get to choose between 5 types of rooms comprising of Superior room, Deluxe room, Family room, Executive room, and Suite. 17 rooms in total, including 7 suites. All the rooms are fully equipped with modern amenities that are needed by every guest these days like plush beds, clean and fresh atmosphere, luxurious bathroom facilities, coffee and tea making facility, 24/7 room service, high speed 24/7 Wi-Fi internet connectivity, flat TV screen, hair dryer, personal safe for your valuables and so on.

As the hotel is focused on serving both family and business customers, the hotel staff makes sure that everything is available right on time and customer doesn’t have repeat their orders or requests. In addition, GDH is also a Hong Kong balcony room hotel, although balcony rooms generally exist on upper floors of the balcony room hotel Hong Kong and provides an amazing view of Tsim Sha Tsui.


Balcony room hotel Hong Kong GDH has a well-established team of skilful and approachable staff who makes sure that you will experience pleasurable and relaxing environment. The staff is fully capable of handling any genuine request from the guests and fulfil them on time without causing any hassle for the guest. Fabulous accommodation and a well-mannered staff make sure that you will have an enjoyable and relaxing stay at GDH, and that too without creating any serious dent in your travel budget.

GDH Hotel Dining Room

This is something nobody would want to miss. Chiuchow Restaurant at GDH offers best quality cuisines with enjoyable and exquisite tastes and flavors of Chinese cuisines. The ambience is pleasant and comfortable. Whether you are hungry or not, you will want to sit and revel in the warm atmosphere of the restaurant and enjoy the flavorsome creations of GDH cooking staff.

Make Your Meetings Success

If you are looking for a perfect place for your business meetings, conferences, or training sessions, GDH is the right place for you. GDH hotel has fully equipped conference room with all necessary amenities and stylish decor. At GDH in Hong Kong, everyone and everything works together in an effective and efficient manner to deliver productive and efficacious results. .

The team at GDH will make sure that you will be offered best rates and with those rates, you will get best amenities and services, without making any compromises with the quality.


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